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Ed Gaile - Focusing on Incremental Awesomeness

St. John

Couple of pictures from my favorite US Virgin Island … [Read more...]

Social Media Experiment – Golf Edition

4 Lads Golf

{EAV:81a905654ae037df}   This year my dad, two buddies, and myself are going on a golf trip to Ireland. We will be playing 8 different courses in the SouthWest County Cork/Kerry region. These courses are some of the most revered in the world for their links style and beauty. I figured this would be a good opportunity to perform a sort of social media experiment. The world has gotten exponetially smaller with the ability of … [Read more...]

10 Things I Learned About Dealing With Breast Cancer


This was actually a guest post I did over at my wife Meredith's Blog.  Just a couple of things that stood out as we dealt with and still deal with breast cancer. --------- (Ladies and Gentlemen - the IT department (aka Meredith's husband Ed) has popped in for a guest post) - colorful language warning There are so many things you learn when helping your spouse deal with this disease known as Breast Cancer.  The following are just a couple … [Read more...]

Fruit Pizza


I originally saw this recipe in a Southern Living kids cookbook.  I believe they called it a Galette (pronounced gah-LEHT).  I call it a fruit pizza.  Gracie recently had snack duty at her school for a week.  Which is like a huge deal!  You get to take the snack basket home with you and are termed the "Snack Leader" for the entire week!  I am fairly certain only the school head master weilds more power.  So I decided to make these as a fun nibble … [Read more...]

It’s Good to be a Kid


The picture of my daughter above says it all. I love the fact that the goal for each day is to see how much fun can be had. We all should apply that philosophy more. … [Read more...]